OtoXpert is the latest repair shop brand from Kalla Automotive, which is here to provide efficient, fast and precise service solutions to customers. In fact, the light service is available with a turnaround time of under two hours with a guarantee of good quality and competitive prices.

The advantage of economical service from OtoXpert is that it provides more affordable service prices with a variety of spare parts, quality and affordable prices. OtoXpert has standardized work processes and tools so that it can complete customer vehicle services more efficiently. OtoXpert mechanics are trusted and expert in providing vehicle services according to customer needs.

OtoXpert has been present in Makassar City after it opened and officially started operating in October 2021. The location of the OtoXpert workshop is on Jl. Tun Abdul Razak No. 233. The operating hours of OtoXpert start at 08.00-16.30 WITA.