Sekolah Islam Athirah

This school started from the strong desire of company founder Hadji Kalla and his wife, Hadjah Athirah to play an active role in advancing education in South Sulawesi. The Athirah Islamic School building was inaugurated on April 24, 1984 ago and began operating in the learning year 1985-1986, right on Jalan Kajaolaliddo number 22 Makassar.

The presence of this school was welcomed by the community, so it continued to expand by being present at Bukit Baruga Housing, starting from the kindergarten to junior high school units in 1999 and in 2008 the high school unit began operating.

Athirah Islamic School then chose Bone Regency as the next expansion area in 2011, with the concept of a Boarding School. Students who are accepted use a composition of 30% from an economically well-off and self-sufficient family background while 70% from an economically disadvantaged family, with a full scholarship from the Hadji Kalla Foundation.

The basic concept of Athirah Islamic School is characterized by Islam, national spirit, and global perspective. In the learning process, we strive to form a balance of emotional, intellectual, and spiritual intelligence.

Achievements are built not only in the intracurricular area, but also in the extracurricular area. Both at the regional, national and international levels. The learning method developed is adaptive to current technology and learning methods that develop students with an active learning approach.

Currently, learning development continues to be carried out by presenting the Athirah Baby House innovation which is an educational child care facility with early childhood education methods that will stimulate children's intelligence and the best facilities.