Kalla Lines

Since 1990, Kalla Lines has been present as a solution for the community, especially in Eastern Indonesia, to the need for qualified sea transportation. Kalla Lines presents a diverse Fleet of Ships, according to today's marine transportation needs.

Kalla Lines has a RoRo (Rolled on Rolled out) vessel that functions to transport heavy, medium to light vehicles on the Jakarta – Makassar, Makassar – Jakarta transportation routes. With a total carrying capacity of up to 1500 Units, RoRo type ships provide timely, safe services at competitive prices, with a one-price service system (Door to Door) that provides satisfactory service quality at an efficient cost for clients.

As a form of innovation, Kalla Lines also presents Tug Boat and Barge types of vessels. The two ships function in the transportation of Nickel Ore in the Southeast Sulawesi Region, with the Lameruru – Morowali (Southeast Sulawesi) transportation route. The Tug Boat and Barge owned by Kalla Lines has a capacity of 10,000-10,500 Mton Nickel Ore.

To provide excellent service so that customers' vehicles arrive safely, Kalla Lines is also engaged in the loading and unloading business of ship transportation and serving logistics transportation from ports to several locations.