Temukan Pekerjaan Impian Anda di Kalla

Tentang Kalla

With the #KALLAforLIFE Spirit, KALLA has a number of business lines that are present in every aspect of people's lives from primary, secondary to tertiary needs. We are here to answer the needs of automotive, transportation, logistics, construction, land and property, manufacturing, education, and energy.

To answer each of these challenges, of course, requires the best talents who are able to think creatively, innovatively and solutively.

Bekerja di Kalla

In its mission to achieve sustainable business management, KALLA present as a forum for developing best human resources. For this reason, KALLA always tries to open up new opportunities for the nation's youth in every line of its business. Not only in Eastern Indonesia, a career at KALLA  always open to anyone who wants to contribute throughout Indonesia.

We implement an inclusive work environment and focus on best talent, people growth, and career development. Where every employees applies the KALLA Way, namely Work of Worship, Customer Appreciation, Faster, Better, and Active Together.


Empowering Indonesia

As a group of companies, we have been present along the journey of Indonesia's economic development, especially the eastern region of Indonesia for more than 70 years. Our contributions cover key development sectors ranging from trade, transportation, infrastructure, property, manufacturing, renewable energy, to education. Not only the business sector, through the Hadji Kalla Foundation we are also here to help and develop the community to help them continue to grow together.

Great Place to Work, Good Place to Start

In line with its mission to create sustainable business management, we become the best place for human resource development. In order to achieve this, we continue to open up new opportunities for the younger generation to be a part of the business.

Not only for eastern Indonesia, but open to anyone who wants to contribute to Indonesia and the welfare of people in all corners of the country.

Sustainable Corporate Culture

One of the main efforts in developing our business is not only career development and a warm working environment, but a corporate culture that is in line with the company's Vision and Mission and is able to respond to the challenges of the times. We apply the culture of KALLA way, namely Work as Worship, Customer Appreciation, Faster, Better, and Active Together. The corporate culture has brought all of our employees to be more active and more sustainable in every line of business.