President Director Welcoming Speech

For more than 70 years, Kalla, as a Company Group, has taken a long journey to contribute to the development and the economy of Indonesia, especially the Eastern region. Our contributions now cover various sectors, starting from trading, transportation, infrastructure, property, manufacturing, energy up to education. Those sectors are fundamental in supporting the Indonesian economic growth in the present as well as in the future.


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  • Automotive
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Energy
  • Manufacture
  • Construction
  • Land&Property
  • Education
  • Transport&Logistics
  • Hospitality
Kalla Toyota|Automotive

Kalla Toyota

Kalla Kars|Automotive

Kalla Kars

Kalla Lines|Transport & Logistics

Kalla Lines

Malea Energy|Energy

Malea Energy

Kalla Transport|Transport & Logistics

Kalla Transport

Kalla Beton|Manufacture

Kalla Beton

Bumi Karsa|Construction

Bumi Karsa

Bukit Baruga|Land&Property

Bukit Baruga

Athirah Islamic School|Education

Athirah Islamic School

Kalla Aspal|Construction

Kalla Aspal

Kalla Logistics|Transport&Logistics

Kalla Logistics

Kalla Inti Karsa|Land&Property

Kalla Inti Karsa

Inti Karsa Persada|Hospitality

Inti Karsa Persada

Poso Energy|Energy

Poso Energy

Kalla Business School|Education

Kalla Business School


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